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241. Testing of AI-based autonomous systems - How can imbus support you in testing autonomous systems?  
URL: /en/company/research/testing-of-ai-based-autonomous-systems#c14912
Date: 15-07-20
…How can imbus support you in testing autonomous systems? No matter whether it is a driverless vehicle or an…  
242. Agile Testing  
URL: /en/software-quality/agile-testing#c3403
Date: 08-07-20
… Collaboration between developers and testers Agile development with Scrum reduces the cycle time to sprints of…  
243. Requirement Management  
URL: /en/testbench/integrations/requirement-management
Date: 08-11-21
…quirements management systems can be connected to the imbus TestBench via an open interface.  
244. The Future of Testing - Safety & Security as central quality features:  
URL: /en/company/research/the-future-of-testing-1-1#c14920
Date: 15-07-20
… also be used as a starting point when creating a test plan or test case catalog for testing an autonomous…  
245. Partners  
URL: /en/company/partners#c3408
Date: 22-01-15
… partner for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 test components.  
246. Model-Based Testing  
URL: /en/testbench/integrations/model-based-testing#c6411
Date: 10-09-20
… reference book "Basiswissen Modellbasierter Test"  
247. Certification_Request_Form_V1.0.pdf  
URL: /fileadmin/Repositories/Imbus/Downloads/Softwaretest_Services/Certification_Request_Form_V1.0.pdf
Date: 18-04-19
… version 1.0 per fax: +49 9131 - 75 18 50 MoReq2 Test Centre – Certification Request 1.) What are your…  
248. Latest Versions of TestBench Enterprise - Extending released data types  
URL: /en/testbench/latest-versions-testbench-enterprise#c14282
Date: 29-01-20
…Extending released data types The modules (test elements) of the Keyword-Driven Test are locked for all changes from…  
249. FAQ_V1.0.pdf  
URL: /fileadmin/Repositories/Imbus/Downloads/Softwaretest_Services/FAQ_V1.0.pdf
Date: 18-04-19
…MoReq2 Test Centre Frequently Asked Questions version control date of creation: 03.02.2009 author(s): created:…  
250. TestCenter  
URL: /en/software-testing/testcentre#c749
Date: 21-07-19
Test outsourcing in a imbus Centre guarantees fast, effective testing in the beat of your iterations and product…  
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