Worldwide First as MoReq2 Certificate is Presented at the DMS Expo

Cologne/ Möhrendorf, September 2009 – In the course of the DMS Expo in Cologne, the first MoReq2 certificate to be awarded anywhere in the world was presented by imbus AG in front of a knowledgeable crowd of onlookers.

During the press conference on September 15, Karl Mayrhofer – Managing Director of Fabasoft Distribution GmbH – officially received the certificate for his product “Fabasoft Folio 2009 Governance Spring Release”.

In the previously executed certification test, Fabasoft had already been able to prove the conformity of its product to the internationally recognized “MoReq2” standard. The handover of the certificate in such formal circumstances provided a fitting conclusion to this first MoReq2 certification.

With this first certification, MoReq2 is now firmly established on the market, and imbus AG has been confirmed as the first accredited MoReq2 Test Centre after many years of effort to create this standard.

By actively participating in the design of MoReq2, vendors have also contributed to the creation of a demanding standard, and in future they will be able to use this standard to provide their customers with evidence of the actual performance of their products. The huge market relevance of MoReq2 is also demonstrated by the upcoming certification projects that imbus will be carrying out within the current financial year.

For companies that deploy ECM/ERM systems, it will soon become clear which products comply with the high level of quality requirements set by the market, and therefore represent a secure long-term investment.