Measures Power demand

January 2014: LED lights

Halogen lamps at the desks are successively replaced by LED lights. Every LED consumes about 60 kWH less per year than the previous illuminants.

February 2014: ultra-compact workstation PCs

Desktop and tower PCs at the workstations are progressively replaced by highly integrated mini-computers. The small boxes with a side length of 15 centimetres only need one fifth of the energy of desktop PCs – for the same computing power. Each computer saves circa 80 kWh per year.

March 2014: Consolidation of the server landscape

Energy-saving “green IT” components in 19 inch technology are used for the server IT from now on. Owing to virtualisation, the rack-based hosts are able to take on the functions of several stand-alone computers respectively and thus to reduce energy consumption.

April 2014: Photovoltaic system

160 solar modules installed on the roof of the main building at the Moehrendorf location cover now a large portion of the house’s electricity consumption. With a total output of some 40kWp the plant is expected to produce more than 30,000 kWh electrical power per year. The PV system profile and current numbers are available at Sunny Portal.

September 2016: LED retrofitting of the historic half-timber house

The heritage-protected and more than 350 years old half-timber house in Moehrendorf is converted to energy-saving LED lightning. LED overhead lights and panels supersede the light bulbs and light up the offices.

May 2018: Heat pump

From now on a newly installed heat pump heats the main building in Moehrendorf with thermal energy.

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