Silk Test Workbench Scripting Essentials

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    2 days

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For the serious SilkTest user who wants to profit from the VB.NET scripting capabilities of Silk Test.


Silk Test is a functional automated testing tool with different interfaces for you to create scripts against your application. This course focuses on the Workbench test scripts, and is designed to teach you how to use the VB.NET scripting capabilities of Silk Test. This course is a logical next step after taking the “Silk Test Workbench” course, which focuses on Visual Tests.
Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Be able to create new VB.NET test scripts
  • Know how to edit test scripts, add validations and variablizations
  • Be able to create data driven test scripts
  • Know how to apply basic error handling and customized application synchronization
  • Understand underlying Silk Test object models supporting different technologies
  • Be able to script against certain types of custom controls


  • Module 1: Introduction to Test Scripts
  • Module 2: Using Help
  • Module 3: Enhancing Scripts
  • Module 4: Application Interfacing
  • Module 5: Locators
  • Module 6: Application Synchronization
  • Module 7: Error Handling
  • Module 8: Test Object Model
  • Module 9: Custom Controls


    • You have taken the Silk Test Workbench course or have a good understanding of the Silk Test Workbench interface
    • Experience with testing web or GUI applications manually or with another automated test tool and knowledge of structured programming (preferably VB.NET) and scripting techniques are helpful

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