ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level live online

Methods, techniques and tools for efficient software testing

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    4 days

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    23. - 26.11.2021 in Virtual Classroom (DACH)

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Your Benefit

This essential course will cover all core issues of methodical software testing, immediately applicable to all industries. The ideal preparation to join the world's largest community of certified software testers.


In this seminar you will receive a comprehensive overview of tasks, methods and techniques in software testing. You will understand all steps of the software testing processes, from test planning through specification up to execution and logging.

You will receive a detailed and structured compilation of the essential terminology of testing and the relevant international norms and standards. You will be able to successfully apply your newly acquired techniques such as equivalence partitioning analysis at the module, integration or system test level.

You will have practiced creating concise defect reports; you will know how to successfully complete the error management process up to designing an efficient re-test.

You will learn which test tools can support your work and what must be kept in mind, when selecting and introducing these tools.

This seminar promotes the contents of the ISTQB® syllabus and is accredited by the German Testing Board. You will be ideally prepared for participating in the examination for the acquisition of the “ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level” certificate.


    • Fundamentals/terms/principles
    • The test process
    • Test specification techniques
    • Dynamic and static test techniques
    • Carrying out and evaluating tests
    • Testing in the software lifecycle
    • Planning, prioritizing and controlling test
    • Building test teams: roles, qualifications
    • Test automation and tools

        Course Variants

        This course is available as a three-, four- or five-day seminar.

        • The three-day intensive course gives you an easy and time-saving introduction to the topic.
        • The four-day training offers a balanced combination of lessons, discussions and consolidation.
        • During the five-day course you have enough time for debates, for example on how to transfer certain aspects to your own projects, as well as for the elaboration and derivation of complex contents.

        All variants are equally accredited and cover the same content.


        Basic software development knowledge is desirable, but not necessarily required.


        Delegates, registering for a public training course, will receive a free copy of the study guide Software Testing Foundations by Andreas Spillner, Tilo Linz and Hans Schäfer.

        Your Examination

        During registration, you can book your participation in the corresponding certification examination.
        With this booking you agree that we may forward your data to the examination company GASQ Service GmbH, Rothenburger Straße 11, 90443 Nuremberg, Germany.
        The examination fee is not included in the course fee and will be listed separately.
        If there are requirements for participating in the examination, you will find them listed in the registration form.
        Examinations can generally be ordered in both German and English. If you order an examination that is not taken in your native language, please make sure that you can obtain an extension of the examination time for this examination (this information is enclosed with your registration confirmation).
        If you are interested in seeking the certification at a later date, we will inform you about the possibilities to find a suitable examination date.

        Exams in connection with Virtual Classroom seminars

        Currently, the ISTQB® only provides on site examinations. However, these may be suspended during the COVID-19 restrictions.

        If you book the exam that goes with your course participation through us, we will support you with regular two-hour web meetings to repeat the contents and ask any questions you may have. As soon as on-site tests are available again, we will inform you about these dates so that you can refresh the material promptly before the test date you have chosen.

        target groups

        • Testers
        • Developers
        • Professional Tester
        • Test Analysts
        • Test Managers
        • Project Managers
        • QM/QA Staff
        • Managers
        • Persons wanting to be certified
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