ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer - der Kurs für Testautomatisierungsentwickler in Englisch live online

Testautomatisierungen entwerfen, entwickeln und warten - effiziente Testautomatisierungsarchitekturen – von manuellem zu automatisiertem Testen – hoher Übungsanteil
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    01. - 04.12.2020 in Virtual Classroom (DACH)

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Your benefit

Improve your ability to design, develop and maintain test automation solutions. Learn concepts, methods, tools and processes to implement and deploy a test automation architecture. Ensure continuous control and maintenance of your test automation framework. 


A Test Automation Engineer contributes many vital aspects to the automation of the software test in an organization:

  • Create a test automation architecture (TAA) to lead your test automation to success.
  • Design, develop and maintain test automation solutions that meet your business needs.
  • Support the transition of testing from a manual to an automated approach.
  • Find the right tools for your test environment.
  • Monitor your automation success with reports and metrics.
  • Improve your automation to ensure sustainability of the automation effort.

Test automation is a complex and taxing task that requires a good background in testing and in software development.
The course enables you to implement an efficient and lasting test automation by providing a structured framework that addresses all the problems that arise in automation efforts. Learn how to integrate test automation into your business and project goals by defining a generic test automation architecture (gTAA) that will support and streamline the automation efforts of your company.

The course will show how to realize a project-specific test automation architecture (TAA) from the gTAA.
You will learn about success factors and obstacles for turning your manual tests into automated tests, and about how to set up your test automation solution (TAS) and your test automation framework (TAF) for the concrete testing activities in your test project. The course will discuss the maintenance and evolution of your testing effort, using metrics, reports and improvement activities.


  • Purpose, Objectives and Success Factors for Test Automation
  • SUT Factors, Tool Evaluation and Design for Testability and Automation
  • The Generic Test Automation Architecture
  • Design and devlopment of the test automation architecture (TAA) and the test automation solution (TAS)
  • Selecting the Test Automation Approach and Planning Rollout
  • Deployment Risks and Contingencies of the TAS
  • Test Automation Logging, Reporting, and Metrics
  • Transitioning Manual Testing to an Automated Environment
  • Verifying the TAS
  • Continuous Improvement, Options and Implementation

Things are best taught by people who have done it: your trainer has more than twenty years of experience in test automation, and has been working in a lot different aspects of test automation, in industry as well as in research, in large and in small automation projects. .


The course contents are based on profound knowledge of the contents of the courses ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level. We therefore recommend to participate in the “ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level“ training course prior to attending, or to repeat the contents of the current version of the syllabus.


Participants will profit from knowledge out of any of the core ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level modules Test Manager, Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst.

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