A4Q AI and Software Testing

Testing AI and testing using AI

What can you expect from this course?

You exploit the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as for example Machine Learning in software testing and quality assurance and you are able to test AI-based software.
This way you create added value for your company and you can prove these competencies with your certification.


Since the 1950s, the term Artificial Intelligence has been used to describe efforts to design "intelligent" software that aims to mimic human intelligence.

The more this goal is achieved, the less the behaviour of such software can be predicted by classical methods of QA. Therefore, unique problems and quality characteristics, need to be considered when testing such systems.

This course enables you to assess key aspects of artificial intelligence and how to use them to support your software testing.
It also enables you to address the specifics of testing AI-based systems.

The following contents will be covered


  • Human intelligence vs. artificial intelligence - key aspects of artificial intelligence
  • The history of AI
  • An introduction to symbolic AI (human-readable AI)
  • An introduction to Sub-symbolic AI
  • Exemplary algorithms of machine learning
  • Areas of application and limits of the AI

Testing AI-based systems:

  • Models, Training and Test for Machine Learning
  • AI test environment
  • Strategies and metrics for test analysis, test design, test implementation, and test execution for systems with AI-based components
  • typical problems when testing AI

Testing with AI-based systems:

  • Test tasks and quality management with AI
  • Simplifying the test process with AI
  • AI testing activities in the context of a concrete organisation
  • AI of test automation at component level
  • AI of test automation at system level
  • AI-based tools for software testing

Prerequisites for participating in the course

Basic mathematical knowledge of logic and stochastics, and some knowledge of a programming language is helpful but not necessary.
As the material and the exam are in English, you should be sufficiently fluent in this language.


Certification Exam

During registration, you can book your participation in the corresponding certification examination.
With this booking you agree that we may forward your data to the examination company GASQ Service GmbH, Rothenburger Straße 11, 90443 Nuremberg, Germany.
The examination fee is not included in the course fee and will be listed separately.

The exam is in English. Non-native speakers can receive a time bonus for the exam - please feel free to contact us about this.

If you are interested in seeking the certification at a later date, we will inform you about the possibilities to find a suitable examination date.

Exams in connection with Virtual Classroom seminars

You can take the exam following your Virtual Classroom Training flexibly as a remote online exam. You will receive a voucher code from us with which you can book your personal exam at a date and time of your choice.

You will receive a detailed description of the technical requirements and the software used for an remote online exam after registering for a Virtual Classroom training.

target groups

  • Testers
  • Developers
  • Test Automatization
  • Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • QM/QA Staff
  • UX-Designers
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