General Terms and Conditions for seminars, workshops, trainings, and other events organized by imbus Canada

General information:

Organization: imbus Canada Corporation, Toronto, Ontario (herein known as “imbus Canada”). imbus Canada uses the event areas according to the policy of the lease contract agreed upon with the property owner. All participants at the free or paid events should abide by the underlying general terms and conditions for the events, as well as the conditions of the property owner. The latter should be available on request to the organizer by the property owner. With registration and participation for the events, you agree to accept these General Terms and Conditions for Events.


Registration can be submitted in a written form via postal mail or e-mail. The organizer will assume that the undersigned person is entitled to register, based on the data submitted during the registration, the organizer is not obliged to explicitly check the legal validity of the signature.
The acceptance of the participant’s registration by imbus Canada is only binding when it has been confirmed by imbus Canada in a written form. The confirmation can also be given by telefax or e-mail.
The decision on whether to accept the registrations of participants is exclusively made by imbus Canada. An entitlement to the participation does not exist.

Cancellation by the participant:

Changes to the reservations can be made by the participants for free of cost with prior notice. A participant may also be substituted with prior notice.

Cancellation by imbus Canada:

imbus Canada has the right to cancel the event before or after the completion of the registration and also at the last-minute, if the event is not of interest for imbus Canada due to unforeseeable low participation rate. Any further claims by the participant(s) against imbus Canada are excluded. Furthermore, the participant(s) is not entitled to claim a reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses or non-productive time.


The programs and services listed in the event description for the day of the event are free of cost.
The participant has to bear the expenses that arise due to their arrival and departure, accommodation or transfer at the event location.

Deviations in the performance:

In general, the events are performed in the ways that are stated in the corresponding event description. imbus Canada reserves the right to make changes which are necessary due to updates or upgrades to the events or for organizational reasons.

Copyright of conference material:

All materials provided, including the knowledge that is possibly handed to the participant(s) on data carriers or made accessible via the internet, are only for personal use by the participant(s). imbus Canada and its affiliate reserves the right to the materials and everything related to it, including the translation, reprinting and the reproduction. Without prior written consent from imbus Canada, third parties are not entitled to reproduce or duplicate any parts of the material even by means of electronic devices to share.

Video and sound recordings:

imbus Canada is entitled to all photographs, drawings, and video recordings produced during the events and can be used for the purpose of marketing. The participant(s) hereby declares his consent by submitting the registration. The same is true for recordings made by the press and/or television with the consent of imbus Canada. Participants are not entitled to make sound or video recordings of the event or participants.


All events are prepared and performed with utmost care. This does not guarantee a training success. imbus Canada is not responsible for damages caused by third parties (e.g. exhibitors or participants). Any liability claims against imbus Canada are excluded where legally permissible.

Data protection:

Participants who register for an event performed by imbus Canada agrees to provide their personal data. imbus Canada will only use these data within the imbus Canada and its affiliates, such as imbus AG. In the event of any data being passed on to service providers for the purpose of data processing, these will then be subject to the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), other applicable laws and the contractual provisions of the privacy policy of imbus Canada. The transmission of personal data to state institutions shall be carried out by imbus Canada in the event of a court order or other requests by law. All personal data that imbus Canada receives upon the participant’s registration can be removed by imbus Canada upon request by the participant.

Further regulations:

Subsidiary agreements have to be made in written form. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from this contractual relationship shall be in the province of Ontario where the federal laws of Canada apply.

Version August 19, 2016.