Testing Leadership - Communication & Presentation Skills for Testing Professionals

A practical workshop in communication practices
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Improve your communication with peers and managers in classical and Agile processes in order to be more efficient, effective and productive in your work.


Good communication has been one of the key factors in teamwork, even before agile approaches have made their triumphant appearance in the IT-community, and all the more, since then. This workshop is designed to motivate you to uncover the full potential of methods like the `whole-team-approach` by demonstrating and practicing how to install and improve a lucid and candid culture of communication within teams and between the various stakeholders of your software development process.

The workshop sums up the skills test engineers and test team leaders require in order to succeed as professionals in today's multicultural, out-sourcing, agile world. It tackles the demand for close cooperation with a lot of different roles such as developers (engineers and team leaders), system administrators, technical support, testing managers, product engineers, product manager, SCRUM masters and managers, quality assurance, customers, and others, often representing different cultures and distributed teams. It helps you master challenges on how to act and communicate, how to share knowledge and how to manage tasks and communication.


The workshop covers real life situations from communication with testing members and development members, and drills down with enhanced discussions on the challenges in communication.

During the workshop, participants will discuss the quality of being assertive, getting/giving feedback, how to prepare and give inspirational and convincing presentations, as well as negotiating techniques to defend their task of quality assurance and test.


Participants should:

  • be familiar with the daily work of a test engineer or a testing team leader
  • be open to absorb different ideas and views, and consider changing their working routines in order to get better results


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