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Features and functionality of the SilkTest Workbench. Hands-on exercises using SilkTest.


Silk Test is an easy to use tool for automated functional testing, which includes a set of interfaces (clients) that enable you to perform automated functional testing in a variety of development environments and programming languages. This course focuses on the Workbench interface, and is designed to teach you how to use the visual testing component of Silk Test.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Be able to create a new Visual Test.
  • Know how to edit the Visual Test to add validation and logic.
  • Be able to create data driven Visual Tests.
  • Know how to playback automated tests, and understand the results.


  • Introduction to Silk Test Workbench
  • Tour of the User Interface
  • Projects and Users
  • Assets
  • Recording a Visual Test in the Silk Workbench
  • Object Recognition
  • Decision and Repetition Logic
  • Verification Logic
  • Using Data in Visual Tests
  • Debugging Visual Tests and Error Handling Logic
  • Test Playback and Result Analysis
  • Introduction to .NET scripts
  • Database Maintenance and Configuration
  • Putting it all together


    During this course, basic knowledge or prior experience of the following is beneficial:

    • Automatically or manually testing Web or GUI applications.
    • Common testing techniques.
    • Structured programming and scripting techniques.


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